Sunday, 13 February 2011

Tyranny of Tack - Part 2

The shock of the Egyptian coup / revolution has caused us to rethink the Tyranny of Tack.  To this needs to be added President Ali Saleh of Yemen.  The capital of this country is going to wipe out the BBC Pronunciation budget and having failed to cope with Tahrir Square in Egypt, San'A-a is going to prove very irritating to the vowels of our favourite BBC presenters. 

Incidentally, while researching many devout and practicing Roman Catholic blogs, I have discovered that there is an organisation in Fresno, California, called TAC.  It's got something to do with Anglo-Catholics with Norbertine inclinations!!! 

Having exposed many immaculate misconceptions and unwittingly getting lots of drivel through my blog connections, I've now declared that from now on I have become a lapsed Roman Catholic abuser and having seen the light - sorry error of my ways, I have been channelled by way of Celtic divination to the safer territory of Calvinism and Freemasonry in Saudi Arabia. 


  1. You've been very quiet Professor Obreption. Are you still cashing in your chips. We love your posts and we use them to illustrate sincerity in our training course for priests forced to do gay marriages with clenched buttocks.


  2. Please can you ask these homosexuals to stop sending missionarys to us in Minsk. Do they think Belarus wants them? Berlusconi needs to be added to your list. On no account make any reference to our leader in Minsk. Remember Inspektor Renko will get me. We still have keyboard problems like you.


  3. Radomir

    Thank you, Radomir. We're not sending anything. My signal's been abstracted by the Catholic Secret Service. I think you used to call them the Stasi. Would colours help you? We've got a job lot of football shirts on special offer from Glasgow. There are deep blue, light blue, and forty shades of green. That's all the BBC had. No Dons, no Herts, no Hibbs and not even Brown (Gordon, our famous son of Kirkcaldy) is furious about being traduced.