Friday, 4 February 2011

Tyranny of Tack

Hundreds of thousands of (select from: loyal fans, devout Catholics, hardworking Chinese, students, Zimbabweans) stormed (select from: Liverpool FC, St Peter's Sq., Tianemmen Sq., Trafalgar Sq., Liberation whatever) crying (select from: Torres must go, Ratzinger must go, Mao must go, Clegg must go, Mugabe must go).  Journalists from all over the world flew in their private jets, Alitalia, Air China, Danny Alexander Airways, Air Zimbabwe and travelled round in taxis, picking up girls in bars, swapping receipts and signatures and sending back this copy, thus saving on the translation. 

Will this do?


  1. We would like to warn you that if you try to work in listeners, Ambridge, The Bull, Cranford Crystal and Nigel into this blog Vanessa Whitburn is going to sue! You have been warned!

  2. I suppose I'll have to pay Cloive Orribin some hush money.