Saturday, 26 February 2011

Michael Gove frayne strengulates vowels

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Michael Gove opts for a better Frayne of mind in retelling message

James Frayne's appointment as media chief at Department for Education may be a masterstroke if his blog is anything to go by

Everything Michael Gove touches turns to dust

Michael Gove school rebuilding 'gaff': fallout
Michael Gove has been having a torrid time so he is being re-launched. So many advisors, so many spads. (Hallelujah!)  Even The Spectator's Fraser Nelson (of which more anon) refers to him as "the laddie".  ( While we ought to be listening to Highland Laddie, we invite you to listen to a piece of drookit laddie, instead.  ( )

The coalition government is going to have to shell out shed loads of wonga to satisfy the parties about the crappy nature of the inept ministers.

At the beginning Danny Alexander bore the brunt of the Westminster Village jokes. It is open season now, with many of them even reaching Cameron.

Gove is resented by many. He is a product of Scotland and he is telling the English how to run their schools. Harman’s move to pillory Alexander as a "ginger rodent" failed.  The English love their animals and to anthropomorphize the human only brings out the sympathy vote.

Gove is different. He is a Scotch parvenu and suffers from strangulated vowels. Two Scottish politicians who went down this route were Malcolm Rifkind and the late Robin Cook. To them gravitas meant grevitas ( as in sacks/sex ) with the result that they were regarded as second rate and thus despised.

Fraser Nelson should look out. He sounds as if he needs both an oral enema and a cure for irritable vowel syndrome.

Gove has strangulated vowels. This causes clarity dissonance. No Morningside no Kelvinside. If Gove is not careful he will be known Glengormless if he is lucky or as the Pied Piper of Pimplico.

Fine Malts


Strengulated vowels:
Lord MacKay of Clashfern.
Malcolm Rifkind
Robin  Cook
Fraser Nelson 
Grumpy Originals                
Gordon Brown
Andy Murray
Alexander Brothers
Danny Douglas and Wendy retd
Gueroted Scotch
Tommy Sheridan, Jim Devine
Rebranded Scotch
Legova Lin
Tell A Scare

Has Craig Oliver been heard on Radio 4 recently?  Is he doing the stringulation or de-stringulation of Gove? 


  1. How sane is a person who's happy to go by the name of newt, CONVERT to Catholocism (as if being born one isn't bad enough) and then to make a movie about John Paul 2 (the pope)?

  2. First it was Ganesh statues drinking milk by the gallons, now its some squirt of a mum sharing her largesse for all to savour. Is this is the Tyranny of Tack in both its religious and secular guises? Help us, O’ wise guru!

    At least one can rely on Westminster Council to come to the rescue, if the Associated Press is to be believed (

    And for the Guardian to raise an interesting point:
    But if human milk is a sex thing, where does that leave those of us who drink milk that comes from cow boobs? The comparison doesn't bear thinking about – or rather, it demands some pretty radical adjustments in the way we see our relationship to food and farming. Still, there's a pretty big "eww!" for us to get over first.

    Fraser Nelson

    ps: I hope all vowels have un-strengulated in translation.

  3. Obreption says:

    Anonymous (27 Feb)

    Newts, I suppose, are used to metamorphosis. Please see my seminal post on the Kafka estate.

    Fraser Nelson (Anonymous 28 Feb)

    I didn't realise you were such a follower of tack - or should I say 'teck'. Have you any udder interests? LOL