Sunday, 13 November 2011

Arab Spring spreads north, democracy falls in Greece and Italy


Well it’s been a while since we last reported.  Our new students are recovering from their first essays and we are delighted to report that the Arab Spring is continuing to rock North Africa, the northern Mediterranean and is working its way on the road to Damascus as we speak. 

The Occupy Movement has caused serious headaches for the Church of England in the occupation around the London Stock Exchange and St Paul’s Cathedral and two great pillars of theology have stepped down from the Chapter.  Giles Fraser took the Dean of Westminster with him and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has entered the fray on the side of some flimsy liberalism cause against the right-wing tendencies of the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres.  Women and the Church of England have taken a bit of the backseat, as have some of the alternative lifestyle fathers in the church.  The Roman Catholic Church continues to be engulfed in child sex scandals, notably in the Ealing Abbey case where St Benedict’s rule resulted in one of their members doing a bunk.  Meanwhile, the Vatican Bank and Dr Ratzinger himself are offering financial assistance and advice to the European Central Bank and the governments of Italy and the Eurozone. 

Mr Silvio Berlusconi has just gone.  Great Silvio, we thank you for endowing Italy with a game show mentality that has swept through the region and resulted in much time-wasting. 

Another fallen empire appears to be that of the Murdoch’s.  The News of the World is dead, James Murdoch has been recalled to the House of Commons and rumours of his arrest appeared on Twitter last night.  These, of course, have been denied. 

As to Her Majesty’s government, Dr Liam Fox had a bit of trouble with separating the Werritty from the verity and has fallen on his military sword, and has probably emasculated his career by being a prize twit.  Theresa May looks increasingly inept and though I’ve said it in the past, Shirley Williams seems to be the only LibDem that talks sense; but when you pitch the likes of Clegg, Huhne and Cable against the dumb-dumbs of the Tories such as Gove, Lansley and Francis Maude, not forgetting the lunatic Oliver Letwin, it makes you wonder what they put in the water in Whitehall these days. 

Some of our favourites from last session will doubtless return, but our fresh team of students within the faculty of Obreption Studies will be hoping to join the illustrious forbears who brought you such delights in the last session.  These students are now earning £500K salaries as spokespersons in defence, banking, energy, malpractice and journalism.

Our next round-up will feature the general election campaign in the USA and we’ll be taking a look at issues such as energy, charitable giving, civil religion in our usual broad brush approach.  Student fees are maximising very well, thank you.

Welcome back, everyone!