Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Letter from Philadelphia, PA : to the Romans

From St Paul and St Minnie

Philadelphia has been much in the news recently on account of the Grand Jury announcement in the city.  The District Attorney's office had some documents relating to various grand jury reports and we are attaching them here for the sake of good order.  There has been quite a lot 'shouting' in the media and several outbursts by alleged accused lawyers and even the judge. 
Given the sad news in Japan comparison has also been made with the nuclear meltdown scare in Three Mile Island and the recent announcement that the situation in Fukushima was worse than that of Pennsylvania, but it was not as bad as Chernobyl.

Religious specialists have not helped in the discusion of the tragedy in Japan.  We are calling a Lenten truce on very daft nuclear physics and quantum mechanics for the time being.  Recent research programmes into Buddhism and Middle East uprisings have been postponed, and we may have to censor postings.

Below are a list of links relevant to the Philadelphia case:


New York Times: 

Avenging Altar Boy (

The Inquirer/Daily News on-line:
Accused priest declares innocence, discusses accuser on radio show
From the website of the Office of the District Attorney, Philadelphia:
Arrest of Four Clergy Members and a Teacher

Copies of the Grand Jury verdicts of 2005 and 2011 can be found on:
PS:  It’s not all bad news!  For Roman Catholics in England and Wales, the following is a link to those Anglicans who have undergone a conversion to Roman Catholicism.  Obreption has asked us to comment, that it is indeed most satisfying to see that special ceremonies will be undertaken by this church within a Church.  It is to be hoped that the income stream generated by these latter day converts will be enough to keep the universal church solvent given that the lawyers’ fees and reparations may be very costly indeed.  It may be wise to reflect on some verses from the prophet Samuel in relation to King Saul and David in terms of statistical analyses: 1 Samuel 18:6,7.  The New English Bible has some interesting expressions, though many will feel more at home with the King James version, which is celebrating its 400 anniversary.  That lesser James, Mr Naughtie, is reporting from Japan for the BBC and we wish him well. 

From the website of the Catholic Church in England and Wales:

People from all walks of life take a significant step towards becoming Catholics


  1. Someone was saying that the clergy-to-laity ratio was 14:1. This might be a bit top heavy. If the ordinariate has any spare monsignorini, they could get sent to Philadelphia as there is some administrative leave - we hear.


  2. Thought this might be of interest. Looks like the airwaves are humming . Check it out ...

    It won't win an Oscar.

  3. Quentin Cooper and guests did an excellent job of explaining the nuclear crisis in Japan.
    Check it out on BBC Radio 4 Material World 17/3

  4. I know you've called a truce (Soooo Gaddafi!) on religious topics and I know Obreption was busy with spouses at the recent Inter-faith symposium, but have a look at a new prog. on BBC

    I thought it was right up Obreption's .... street!

  5. Don't know if your stringer in Florida picked up some story about another suit in Philly on Monday. Are you following Jeff Anderson's site?

    If you do, you might have to cover Bill Donoghue of Catholic Culture and watch the sparks!!

  6. Thank you all for your comments.

    This case will run and run and I agree that we ought to have some reference to Catholic culture and Catholic League. I think you might find President Donoghue at the Catholic League. Our experts are really busy just now. Dr Tony (A.V.O'Gadro) is especially busy on all-night radio shows as the resident isotope, though sometimes he thinks the BBC has been making a lot of heavy water over it.

    I'm off to a Purim party in Naples, Florida.

  7. You still got the name wrong!! It's DonoHUE. Here's the link: