Monday, 14 March 2011

Suggested Logo for Unloved Political Party

by Mr I Scanner & Roger Sole

The following chemical molecular structure requires adoption.  Under the Equal Opportunities Act, we positively welcome new parents of any persuasion, leaning, sexual preference, orientation, mapping or even those in an unstable partnership such as a coalition. 

Celebrating the chemistry of -ole based on nitrogen, phosphorous and arseNICK.



  1. 'Radiation' text message is fake'

    Is this a reference to the LibDem Manifesto?

  2. Obreption says:

    This shows the importance of taking the Tablet. So there!

  3. The Tablet is hard to swallow - bitter, sticks in ones throat and has nasty side-effects!

  4. If you find the Tablet too hard to swallow, try reading the Catholic Herald or tune in to Thought for the Day. If you want to be detached from attachments, you should attach yourself to a boddhi Snatcha. You can hear them on the radio. They're usually white, male, over 60 with some strange views on monasticism, women and they usually experiment with certain acyclic and some heterocyclic derivatives. That's why they are always bhiccaring.