Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Knighthood, Sainthood, Hoodwink : Monetisation theory

This presentation has again been inspired by our Glorious Leader H.H. Prof Dr Lord Obreption of Rockall GCOO

Introduction by the Bursuivant of Ells Bells MOO

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen

We are pleased to present the Memorial Lecture to the memory of Sir Francis Grant, who is sadly missed and is seen in this beautiful picture in the company of the Duke of York, played by George VI and not Colin Fourth. 

This is the prequel to the King’s Speech and shows the influence of the late Sir Francis Grant, who was an expert in heraldry and such an authority that one dares to imagine what he would have said about the cash for honours scandal which has engulfed the Daily Mail exclusive. 

It appears that ‘Father’ Michael Seed, a well-known celebrity catholytic converter, has been accused of peddling papal trinkets for a lot of money to well-meaning charities such as Armageddon AG.  There has been no great denial on the story and suffice it to say we will be pleased to publish one should Mr Seed and his order decide to issue one…


- a great council was held in London today to decide on the Heirs Apparent of King Idris of Libya.  Mr Gaddafi is none too pleased about the proposals made by the ‘coalition’ for his removal and the restructuring of the democratic process... 

- in the USA, pension fund evaluation has been seriously covered in the Boston Globe.  Apparently, some nuns have questioned the propriety of the Archdiocese of Boston, accusing them – allegedly – of ‘pension abuse’ … 

- in Manchester the Great Spirit of Life ‘festival’ has incurred the wrath of the Daily Irae  (dies irae).  This conveniently follows on from the sale of papal knighthoods by a bird seed merchant on twitter. 

Obreption has decreed these Statutes of The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of Obreption.  We are trying to get some suitable images (murti) not idols for the above mentioned orders.  Qualified candidates must have an approved doctoral thesis, must not be accused of skulduggery, and must be unblemished with scandal. 

The following grades have followed the orders in use in the Kingdom of Thailand.  These are:

MOO: member
OOO: officer
KOO: knight
DOO: dame
GOO: knight grand cross

The motto of the said order shall be “fidelis fortis semper”. 

Supporters:   Mary Queen of Scots (cabossed) : dexter
                  Julian of Norwich (fundraiser rampant) sinister
                  shield: gold bars (Barry or) within a triple tressure

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  1. We have been invited to a wedding in London next month and require advice on "decorations" to be worn. Can you get some spiritual guidance from Buckhingham Palace (BP). I've heard that BP do not approve of decorations which have endangered wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico.

  2. I would like to point out that according to the late Sir Thomas Innes of Learney "The ecclesiastical hat assigned to a clergyman in Scotland is black and with one tassel on either side... The title Bishop was abolished ... but ... bishops of ... the Roman Catholic Churches are now allowed to use the title again ... When an ecclesiastical hat is assigned to a bishop in Scotland, it is green and has six fiocco, or tassels, on either side."

    I hope this clears your limited understanding of the SCIENCE of heraldry.

  3. Dear Obreption

    Re: Papezsky Domaci Prelat - titul vysokeho kurialniho urednika papezkeno dvora. Ve svych znacich uzivaji fialovy klobouk se sesti fialovymi strapci po kazde strane stitu.