Wednesday, 9 March 2011

External links sent in by patrons

Over the past few weeks patrons of this blog have been kindly sending me links to sites containing information that they consider might of interest.  Below is a list of these links:


  1. Here's one that might interest you and your readers:

    A Manchester United fan has had her bumper sticker censored after a complaint was made to police that it was "offensive".

    Sarah Webb-Lee, 39, from Stockport, had a car sticker which read: "On the first day God created United then completely [expletive] up and created City."

  2. Reading about the 'pope on the rope', I read that the Dalai Lama has decided to call it a day:

    Can we hope that the pope on the rope will be next?

  3. I think Melvyn Bragg's role in this programme is key to its success. It was sad he had to go from Start the Week 10 years ago, and replaced by Andy Marr.

    Not so long ago there was a programme on Volga Vikings. It was fascinating and when I checked out the website, there was so much research material available, with good academic references, you could get a PhD from certain educational establishments with a bit of cut and paste.

    Usually 2 out of the 3 speakers are very good and the editted version in the evenings can be better, if one is too befuddled in the morning.

    Thank you Telegraph and Johns for reminding me to tune in!

    Is this your handiwork? And if so, what plans do you have to celebrate and commemorate the Great Lord Bragg?

    a secret follower

  4. I hear his guests were talking about 'classic infinite regress'. What on earth is that? Sounds like something the blog writers on The Telegraph do for inspiration!

  5. Dear Obreption

    Should we vote for Vishvapani for the symbol V. I think I'd rather have Vomit! Check out this one's reference in Platitude of the Day. Imagine not mentioning the tsunami! He must have been destressing the unemployed tectonic plates. I assume he's not one of your former students ...