Friday, 24 June 2011

Glastonbury: spiritual and social report


Many of us are attending The Season events and in our occasional series of lifestyle choices, we’re featuring family values, religious truths and a complete lack of authority as many ancient people who are otherwise pillars of their communities let their hair down, enjoy mud wrestling and somehow manage to get all the fun of the fair as part of their work routine, be they journalists, religious specialists or footballers.  Here are some useful links which we hope you will all enjoy (we will be passing round our respective pay wall for you to aim at).  We aim to please. 

Spiritual Guide:

Remember, the poor are always with us.  Pay your zakat, remember the widow’s mite, remember Peter’s pence (the money goes to the Vatican, so please give generously), remember the talent contest and the parable of the Talents.  Please do not bury your head or your talents in the mud!

Football news: 

Remember to pass the crystal ball.  Manchester United has some good footballers and excellent hairstyles.

Our Pensioner's Special: 

Special discounts are available to the over 100s, as long as they are accompanied by their parents.  You’re only as old as you feel, but beware of mixing too much cough syrup, wine (communion or otherwise), incense, sleeping pills and herbal remedies. 

Have a happy Glastonbury!

Glastonbury update 25 June 2011:

In Pictures: U2 are the sweetest thing at Glastonbury

For those with a very clear head and a craving for a stunning performance from Betty Boothroyd, where she summed up Nick Clegg both eloquently and elegantly in the House of Lords.  Bet you'd never think of looking this up:

Happy campers enjoy the festival and beware of the sun and wear plenty of sun screen just in case it clears up!

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  1. What have you driven us to, obreption! To think that I would come out in support of that creep Nick Clegg. But I think ex-Madam Speaker is way off the mark here - the Lords need to be reformed and elected. She is only fighting to keep her own cushy job - so there. Nick is a twat, but not on this issue.