Sunday, 1 May 2011

Queen Creates Dukedom:Pope Synthesizes BLJPII and Obama Sinks Osama

by our Heraldic and Anthropological staff
with assistance from Olga (School of Pskov Icon Genre)

Competition: Can you identify this picture and suggest a name?

With our usual prescience, the posting of this Russian Orthodox icon has been identified as the martyred Saint Yevgeny or Eugenius/Eugene in English.  This illustrates the power of the internet and we would like to welcome our friends in Russia who visited the blog.

Discussion of martyrdom reminds us of the claims being made in some quarters concerning Osama bin Laden (OBL).  The story from the White House appears to be changing on whether OBL was armed or not, though it seems that he was buried at sea.  I would like to thank our correspondent who identified St Yevgeny.  People interested in purchasing copies of this icon for their own collection and reverance can do so from various sites such as 

Please be advised that we have not dealt with these sites and make no recommendation or provide any guarantees.  More to the point, Obreption does not vouchsafe for the efficacy or ability of the icon to answer prayers - in the same way that Obreption cannot guarantee the powers of BLJPII to intercede in anything.

It appears that there are several saints in Orthodox and Catholic hagiographies.  For example, a search Saint Yevgeny will yield the story of a Russian Orthodox saint, while a search for Saint Eugenius will result in many saints.  This illustrates the complexity of multiple choice and maybe a divine clue that voting YES to AV maybe bad for democracy. 

We provide some links, though the usual warning applies in terms of transliteration of the name from the original language.

It may be too early to say, but this mystery icon has had more hits than Templetonium.  Is this the power of the internet, the miracle of BLJPII or some super-efficient search engine? 

It is interesting to note that when Prince William married, Her Majesty The Queen created the Dukedom of Cambridge with other titles such as Strathearn and Carrickfergus.  In a previous post, we have already mentioned the fact that Cambridge was chosen.  Many royal titles revert as there are specific 'destinations' attached to the Royal Arms.  Unfortunate marriages of recent years resulted in a need to get the Royal Arms back within the family.  What then was the point of making Prince William the Duke of Cambridge when he would have inherited the Duchy of Cornwall on the ascent of his father, the current Prince of Wales?  (Incidentally, he would also inherit the Dukedom of Rothesay, the Earldom of Carrick and be Baron Renfrew.)

The practical answer is insurance.  If in the sad event Prince William were to "go under a bus", then Catherine would be left with her courtesy title.  Similarly, if when William is created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, then Catherine would get these titles as well.  If and when children come along, they would also have courtesy titles according to the rank of their father. 

There has been some moaning of the choice of Cambridge, but if you recall the short Latin form for Cambridge is Cantab, then a suitable twitter site DCantab would be useful, as it gives the subliminal effect of "can't abdicate"!  DOxon sounds like the name of a 1950s police series: Doxon of Dick Green.  This would be highly unsuitable.  

We now move to the synthesis required for the beatification of the former Polish Pope.  The remains of JP2 are to be used in the beatification ceremony in Rome, where tens of thousands of pilgrims have gathered.  This is the first step on the way to sainthood.  It seems rather quick for a Pope to make his predecessor a saint.  I do not know if Professor Ratzinger will be so lucky.  There may be more chance of Kylie Minogue becoming a saint!  

We will refresh this blog and tweet it, but we leave you with two contrasting accounts:

1.  The Church Times article, without a pay wall!    
     (Note: we had to buy The Times of London yesterday, hardcopy.)

2.  A set of pictures kindly provided by William Crawley from St Peters. 

     Though this is free, we have been getting a lot of adverts on these
     pictures concerning the order of service.  These show the
     monetisation, valorisation and vaporisation process in action.  

In order  to expedite sales of Material Culture, Obreption has found an icon (picture at top of post) in the 'pending filing' section of the collection.  It is an icon of a saint with Russian Orthodox pedigree.  Obreption has set a challenge for the identification of this icon.  As a clue it was found not far from the Suwalki Triangle, which is near the borders of Poland, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus.  The Suwalki Triangle has some interesting history and is not unlike the Bermuda Triangle, so aptly described by Professor Barry Manilow in his series. 

Gaudi Gaudi Gloria!


We are indebted to Ed Thornton for tweeting the link to the Church Times - no pay wall, and to William Crawley for the link to the Order of Service.  Other sites are available and I am sure your search engine will provide many interesting accounts.

Update #1

May 1 has many connections with politics, religion and other rituals.  Walpurgis Night is celebrated still in Germany and was written so eloquently by Goethe.  It is pleasing to note that the Germans still maintain this custom.  We have had a report from a Mr Tam O' Shanter that he was a bit full and unco happy on his way back from a night of revels.  He had visions near Alloway Kirk (Kirche) and had to escape over flowing water to avoid being caught by the witches. 

Clearly, this is a dangerous time of the year and we are pleased to announce that nano-technology has allowed us to produce great volumes of Material Culture from the relics of John Paul II.  We are delighted that Professor Ratzinger has supervised the synthesis of BLJPII - a truly new creation, both ontologically sound and tautologically superfluous. 

This link shows the inspiration of both Goethe and Burns concerning events around Walpurgis Night.  Happily in some parts of Scotland, Walpurgis Night is celebrated all year round and is not restricted to saints days.

The second link refers to a Google book mention. (an on-line facsimile from Goethe's Faust)

The third link is a connection to ARD where you can switch the language if you can't read German.

Update #2

The special appearance of The Horror of Harare, President Robert Mugabe joined in the ceremony of the beatification of John Paul II.  Mr Mugabe's appearance seemed to be as a result of visiting the Holy See without stepping foot on European Union territory.  This was surely a miracle and could in fact be a ground for justification for the full thirty-nine gun (cannon) salute for the sainthood of JP2.  Many Vatican observers and insiders are concerned that the images of Mr Mugabe may sully Holy Church and the People of God.  Mr Mugabe has of course been saved by Grace, who has doubtless been checking out shoe styles and cobblers with George, the skiing chum of Professor Ratzinger.

We have illustrated Papal ski techniques recently observed.

Update #3

The president of Peru has claimed that the killing of Osama bin Laden (OBL) was a sign of the power of BLJPII.  At any rate, it shows how much syncretism and synchronisity exists in any spectacle.  Another example of such synchronisity is Obreption's discussion about a play concerning Mary, Queen of Scots who is an ancestor of HRH The Duke of Cambridge.  Mary, Queen of Scots, is buried in Westminster Abbey and it is fitting that her relics were present on the occasion of the royal wedding in body and perhaps in spirit.  Relics of JPII were present in Rome and the US Navy has seen to it that Mr Osama bin Laden has been buried at sea.  We have already had tales of pilgrims visiting the Arabian Sea and doubtless pilgrimage cruises can be arranged by your local travel agent - though we offer two warnings: insurance may be difficult to get as this area is often under attack by Somali pirates who might prey on pilgrims; some forms of insurance are forbidden under Sharia law.  Be warned.


  1. I came across this site when researching the process of beatification. Could you tell us if you are using the Hegelian approach i.e. thesis-anti-thesis and synthesis? In searching through your site we came across a clip showing the preparation of bromine (Darstellung von Brom). Would it be possible for you to show a clip of the synthesis of BLJPII. We don't think ARD covered it very well and we would appreciate a more scientific approach.

  2. Do you think the killing of Osama bin Laden has anything to do with the synthesis of BLJPII and the royal wedding? Are you still going to vote NO to AV?

  3. Here's an interesting piece on the 'web of deception' spun by the powerful in Pakistan to maintain their vested interests. It's an article on the website

  4. I know who that saint is - it's Yevgeny, a martyred saint I think of the Russian Orthodox Church. Interestingly, there's a modern version of him now - a certain Yevgeny Rodionov. Apparently he was a Russian soldier who died in Chechnya in 1996 after being kidnapped and then refusing to convert to Islam. So there!

  5. I've heard some US political genius and advisor during the Carter presidency say that this 'death' of OBL was justified. Do you think his use of 'justified' indicates some Calvinist theology or do you support the Vatican and Rowan Williams in expressing 'concern' at the taking of life as an aim? Do ends justify the means?

  6. It's been a very busy week and we've been occupied with the Royal Wedding, JP2 and were surprised with OBL. We've all been amazed with the swings in the mood coming from the USA in particular. While there is much talk of vengeance, much of it has been very atavistic. One wonders how much planning went into it, what was going through Obama's mind and what actually happened. Comments regarding the narrative coming from the White House are disturbing and certainly do not justify some theological concept of 'God's will'.