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Update on Roman Catholic Church Scandals - 12th April, 2011 & other views

This story has taken over some of the headlines over the last few weeks.  We are exploring ways to keep these links up to date and relevant.  Some of these links will be removed on further checking.  Again, we would advise that these links have been tested by us.  However, we make no opinion on the 'truth' of the participants.  It seems that the 'Fog Horn' PR machine is mixing US politics, especially in New Hampshire, with the Roman Catholic Church.  Other religions and denominations are not immune from mixing with politics - and even science.  These themes will be developed in further posts and  we shall endeavour to illustrate obreption at all times, be it in religion, politics, science, art, music and 'journalism'.  We are of the opinion that some phone-hacking scandal is underway (and we were right).

These are external links and are to legal, international journalism, some 'authority' sources and some other parties such as survivors groups.  We have deliberately not shortened the links in order to show the destination of each link.

The views expressed are by those from site owners and we have no control over the content.  If you have any comments, you should make them known to the appropriate authority. 

Updates (12 April, 2011):

Report by Catholic Church Sees Gains on Sexual Abuse

Vatican orders disgraced Belgian bishop to leave country, seek therapy

Bill Donohue's Ad in NYT

Further updates (8th April, 2011):

News from New Hampshire, with reference to church and state:

Editorial: Church vs. State
Lawmaker takes on protesting bishop, loses

More views on meeting between Republican politician and the bishop in New Hampshire.  If you are sensitive to outrageous language, we offer a warning!

Mum's the word on meeting between Bettencourt, McCormack

News from Germany, from Deutsche Welle, based on article in Die Zeit.

German Catholics leave church in droves,,14971010,00.html

The Irish courts have now authorised the release of the report on Cloyne, which covers activities of the church and the Irish State in the Cork area.  This link has been taken from RTE, but other newspapers are now covering it, and will doubtless cover it over the weekend.

Cloyne Report chapters cleared for publication

Vatican radio has announced a conference for Catholic bloggers.  If you are blogging on this, please tweet us discreetly.

Calling all Catholic bloggers

The following older links should be checked for previous stories and if updated via the homepage, will give their own view.  Please note that not all the links may be advertisement free in your country and you may be offered other items depending on your location and search engine.

Molest suit: From Santa Rosa to Dublin

House Leader Calls Bishop "Pedophile Pimp": Bettencourt says he stands by facebook post

This link shows a New Hampshire TV station discussing issues of clerical interference in politics.  Again, readers of this blog might like to comment on the politician who created the storm or the bishop who strayed into politics. 

Lawmaker Calls Bishop ‘Pedophile Pimp’

Chilean Priest To Undergo Psychological Testing In Sex Abuse Case

DA Investigates Abuse Claim In Chile’s Ursulinas Sisterhood

What Happened to ‘Zero Tolerance’?

Catholic League Homepage:


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  3. I suppose this will go in the next consolidation, but here's one re. the 'paedophile pimp' furore:

    Pimp politics: Bettencourt and the bishop

    I hear he's going to apologise to the bishop - shouldn't it be the other way round?