Saturday, 23 April 2011

Letter from Louisville (KY)

Obreption was going to describe a pleasant visit to Laax in Switzerland and attempts to both climb every mountain and ski every ski-run.  However, a very serious letter has arrived from Louisville, in Kentucky, USA.  While much of the sexual abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic church has focussed on Boston, Dublin, Philadelphia, Belgium and some of the orders, we should not forget that other religions and indeed other so-called Christians have not been exempt from falls from ‘grace’.  As Easter is now breaking out in Asia, this link to report should be analyzed bearing in mind the documentation which backs it.  

Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up in the Louisville Archdiocese - Documents and Other Resources: Part 1

We had hoped that our letter from Kentucky would have covered more topics on the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and the Mississippi river system and the lakes in the west of the state of Kentucky.  Obreption has some golfing, fishing and house-boat stories from the area around Kentucky Lake and Cumberland Lake.    What follows is serious and no doubt there will be many cries of "Shame on you!" for releasing this on such a holy day.

To those who are incandescent with rage about the Bishop of Oxford raising the topic of community schools within England, I offer you two words.  You will find them in the New Testament.  If you haven’t read the Gospels for a while, you will find them if you type ‘Jesus wept’ into a search engine.  There is certainly nothing holy or Holy about this scandal and cover-up, breach of trust and abuse of authority.  We can no doubt expect a lot of moral relativism and outrage.

New allegation in Archdiocese of Louisville priest abuse scandal

There is also going to be a lot of bad news coming out of Ireland, as the Cloyne report is released.  There have been some legal discussions concerning redaction and the Irish press will cover this if you care to look it up.
Maureen Dowd has written a column in the New York Times which may be of interest, concerning the beatification of JP II and the ceremony following on from the Royal Wedding. 

Also, a pre-publication blurb on the sex lives in and around Rome of people who are supposed to be celibate.  We suspect this may not be a book officially reviewed by the Vatican media channels.

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  1. The NCR has been talking about the Cloyne Report and the Irish Times are looking at the Magdalene Homes, the 'industrial' schools of Ireland.

    Ferment in Ireland as new report on sex abuse looms

    Magdalene survivor to speak on radio